12 Week Coaching 

Go from brand-new to booked-out.

12 weeks of 1:1 coaching and expertise on-demand to launch your business to a waitlist of dream clients. For new business owners with 0-3 clients who want to pick up the pace in their business, gain traction and scale to big $$$ months.

My 12-week program is powerfully jam-packed with 1:1 coaching calls, actionable strategies and support on tap to take budding VAs, SMMs and creative online entrepreneurs through the entire process so they can launch the right way.

Truth bomb: You can’t half-ass your business

In the beginning, it’s tempting to DIY everything and save wherever possible, but some things can’t be skipped.

You know what I’m talking about. 

So you’re getting solid results on socials, are killing it with the clients you might already have but you feel like you’re becoming stagnant. 

When you’re in this position, the last thing you should do is skimp on the essentials. And by essentials, I mean everything from your ‘why’ to your brand voice, your website, to your messaging, your lead generation strategy to your onboarding process.

A new business with no clear direction, branding foundation or strategy won’t move the needle. Because as talented, hard-working and passionate as you may be, you need to remember that a successful brand comes down to investing in yourself, your systems, your purpose and your presence.

Here's a reality check...

This is you now:

You have 0-3 clients but are struggling to find your way, and get more

You see amazing results on social media and want to use it to pick up traction in your business

You have a unique story but don’t know how to share it or use it to grow your business or audience

You’re ambitious and ready to be a six-figure earner, but aren’t sure how to get there

You’re used to the corporate hum-drum, bland, meaningless work and you want to build a business that lights your fire

You’re lost when it comes to creating a brand & website from scratch, but know how vital it is to your success

You crave the support of an expert to help you through the process while still giving you control

You’re deserving and oh-so ready for success in your business, but you just need to trust in yourself and take the leap.

Let’s imagine for a second...

If this was your reality:

Effortlessly attracting a stable of dream clients and hot leads every month

Taking your incredible results on social media and gaining meaningful metrics for your clients and yourself

Showcasing your uniqueness with confidence, charisma and passion to meaningfully connect with leads

Being well on your way to a six-figure earner with a solid brand and systems in place

Forgetting corporate even existed with the brand that’s scalable, sustainable and successful while supporting your dream lifestyle

Having a brand that’s so confident in itself and a website that oozes ‘you’ while converting leads constantly

Feeling supported by a Business Coach who is committed to your success while you hold the reins 

What if I told you it was all possible?


The 12-week Coaching Program

12 weeks. 84 days. To rocket you from ‘what-do-I-do-next’ to ‘I’m-killing-this-entrepreneur-shit, every single day’. 

Included in your investment:


12 x 1:1 one hour calls 
First, we’ll discuss your goals, then we’ll go about achieving them. We’ll assess where you’re currently at, set short and long term objectives, and set about achieving them.


My support in between calls, on-demand
Because questions, strategy and accountability are crucial.


Access to my extensive referral network
Helping you book your first clients while we’re still working together!


Questions answered by an expert
From someone who’s scaled an online business (Bold x Boho) to 6-figures in under 6-months.



Your choice of any Bold x Boho template that I’ll coach you through creating so you’ll leave with your dream site to encompass everything we’ve worked so hard on!

Don't just take it from me though...

In 12 weeks from now, you could be wishing for more clients


you could be booked-out.

But to get there you’ve got to:

Invest in yourself

Invest in your systems

Invest in a program that won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to

Invest in a foundation for your brand that will grow and scale with you while showcasing everything that makes you unique and special

Whether it’s a rebrand or starting from scratch, I’ll coach you on creating your dream brand, leveraging your story and using results to connect and fill out your waitlist. And in the end? I’ll make sure you can package it into a website that showcases just how powerful you truly are. 

Together we’ll find your purpose. Well make you in-demand. And utterly at-peace with your business knowing you’re on track to scaling, sustainability and successfully.

I know it’s scary.

When you’re first starting, it’s hard to know what and when to invest in your business.

Do you do the website before Business Coaching? The copy before the graphic design? The CRM before the email database?

But when it comes down to it, you’ve got to consider what’s most vital to your success. And that’s you, and your brand.

Knowing who you are, what you stand for, what you do, and what that looks like. Business Coaching helps you define that. 

And that’s the kind of shit money buys, and then helps you earn back with zero interest, uncapped earning potential and freedom to create the business and life of your dreams. 

Don’t you want that?

I want to bust these excuses that are holding you back.

"It takes thousands of $$$ on ad spend, or I'd have to outsource an entire team in order to scale."


"Working ON my business 24/7 is where the money is - systems aren't."


"I need a huge audience in order to be taken serious or make the impact I want."


"People won't be ready to invest unless I have been in business for years and have a ton of proof."


These excuses are holding you back from growing the business of your dreams. Hitting those 6-figure milestones. Working with those dream clients. Building that work-life balance we all crave.

All it takes is an outside perspective to look in and give you the nudge in a direction that could literally change your life.

These boss entrepreneurs were just like you:

“Willow's coaching was the best investment I've made in my business” - Martina Caroline

“Ten days into working with Willow and he'd helped me build an aligned audience of 10,000! Now, one year later, his strategies are the driving force behind my websites traffic.” - Kelly Pender

“I booked an $8K a month client within our first month of working together! Absolutely work with Willow!” - Grace DeBruin

Sure. You could stay where you are...

Sure. You could keep going it alone, but in a year you’ll only have moved so far. But you certainly won’t be where you need to be.

Sure, you could DIY the process you THINK will work based on the latest trends or other people’s success. But free resources aren’t one size fits all.

Sure, you could pay for another online course that tells you the best strategy in theory. But putting it into action and ensuring that translates into results is a whole different ball game.

Sure, you could play small and hide away what makes you, you. But there’s no power or authority in that.

Here's a reality check...

Or. You could give yourself the push you know you need...

You could launch to an audience of hot leads ready to fill your waitlist with dream clients 

You could have a consistent, sustainable, evergreen system generating authority, leads and sales for you via Pinterest

You could have the power to live and scale your business on your terms, eventually scaling to $10k months and 6-figure years

You could use your story to generate more sales, and leverage killer client results to become booked-out in seconds

Simply because you chose to invest in yourself and your business. 

Elizabeth did, and look what happened

“Willow's coaching was phenomenal and I recommend him to all of the businesses I work with” -Elizabeth Skordinksi, Health Influencer & Youtube Advisory Board Member

Do you know the difference between Elizabeth and you? 

The only difference is one of you went for it.

She decided she was ready to take her business seriously. She was ready to make moves and invest in herself, backing her decision to ditch corporate life and wholeheartedly dive into the online entrepreneur life. 

That’s when she saw real results in her business. 

In our 12-weeks together, I’ll show you what’s possible when you create a brand that’s uniquely you from the ground up - one that fuses intuitive marketing, soulful design, expert strategy and a whole lot of personalisation and passion. 

Together, we could secure your first round of clients in under 12 weeks!

The investment?

Imagine if you spent as much on your business as you did on a new dress or handbag. The handbag stays in the closet, but the investment in scaling your business brings you unimaginable wealth.

The time?

Here’s the thing - time will pass whether you do something or not. One year will pass no matter what you do.


Repeat after me: I am deserving.


There are people out there with less experience doing what you want to do, simply because they’ve got the confidence.

Hey. You’re awesome.

→ Ready to secure your first round of clients

→ Ready to build out your network and expand

→ Ready to dominate your niche and gain wild authority

→ Ready to become the go-to service provider in your industry 

→ 12 x 1:1 one hour calls 

→ My support in between calls, on-demand

→ Access to my extensive referral network

→ Questions answered by an expert

→ BONUS Bold x Boho template to skyrocket your launch

→ A brand that screams ‘you’ and a professional website to launch with

→ Being booked-out but not burnt-out

→ Boasting a set and forget system for reeling in and nurturing leads

→ A magnetic presence online that’s uniquely you, and uniquely authoritative

Here's a reality check...

You’re here, which is already half the battle. 
Showing up is literally the biggest step and you’ve just done that. 

So I know you’re ready to take the next one. 


Your investment:

Your results:

You’re awesome.

I bring agency experience to small brands and entrepreneurs to help them level up and scale-out without confusion or second-guessing. I’ll take you through a twelve-week journey that isn’t just about your bottom line, but your higher purpose. Together we’ll carve out a space for you in your niche that authentically fits your goals. 

I’m passionate about helping online entrepreneurs like you organically attract and sell to their dream clients using Pinterest. 

I’ve worked across the world as a photographer, influencer, social media strategist and copywriter. But I’ve always found strategy, coaching and marketing was my calling. Pinterest was the perfect match for me. 

I used my extensive knowledge and passion for non-stop-learning to drive results for my very own venture with my partner, Bold x Boho. Using Pinterest, we scaled to a 6-figure, fully passive business in under 6-months. Yeah - it’s crazy! And the best bit is I’m dropping that exact formula for you in your twelve-week program PLUS showing you how you can tailor it to your business for maximum results!




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Hey there!

I'm Willow Kaii!

My life wasn’t always this way, though. After working at a boutique marketing agency, I went all-in on an online business with my fiance, Becca. I used the very Pinterest strategy I’ll teach you to scale our business, Bold x Boho, to 6-figures in just six months. 

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