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3 ways to supercharge your presence, using Instagram, Pinterest and strategic pricing

The best way to start an online business is to get online, so here are three simple things you can do today to get started and get scaling…

I want you to forget everything you’ve heard about starting a business online

I want you to throw out the rule book, the complicated funnels, the seen-it-before, shallow, salesy tactics. 

I want you to take it back to basics. Because online entrepreneurship isn’t rocket science. It’s strategy. 

How do you start marketing your business online with strategy? 

As an online Business Coach, I’ve been teaching online service providers how to make bank online with organic, strategic, compelling tactics that get cut-through and conversions. And I know you want to do the same. 

I want to strip it all back and show you my three best tips to STAND OUT into the online space, SHOWCASE your value and DOMINATE your niche. And right now? I’m dropping my three absolute must-know tips to do just that. 

Tip #1 | Why you should use Instagram stories to market your online business + yourself 

Stories are awkward. Hella awkward. I’m talking so awkward you’d rather spill your coffee in front of the entire Starbucks line than talk to your phone.

But no growth ever comes from your comfort zone. Just as no business growth ever comes from playing small and hiding behind faceless posts. 

Here’s why Instagram stories are a proven effective way to get you online and growing as an online service provider: 

1. Boosts engagement:

Users are spending more time watching (and rewatching your content), tapping through every frame. This means? These are leads that are warm and ready, culminating in a viewer retention rate of 75%, or even 90% if you make your stories interactive. That’s a killer opportunity to build trust and loyalty. 

2. Boosts presence:

The best performing accounts post stories daily, showing up as they would with their friends by sharing their daily life to truly level with their audience. This means by staying active and present, you’re becoming more familiar, common and relevant in the minds of your audience. 

3. Boosts competitiveness:

To play (and win) the IG game, you’ve got to be in it. And it’s estimated over one-third of the most viewed IG stories come from brands. That statistic alone makes stories a massive opportunity to supercharge your online business’s visibility and establish a more intimate relationship with your dream clients. 

Oh and I’m not saying feed posts aren’t good, in fact, the best performing brands post around 50% stories, 50% static Instagram posts, making them equally important aspects of your content strategy. They’re both crucial to building trust. And let’s talk about that for a hot minute. 

As a service provider, what you do is value-packed, but not in the physical sense. Unlike a product your audience can touch and feel, you provide an intangible experience, making trust and personability even more important in business strategy. We also know that consumers trust their friends more than their brands, and they give over 48% more weight to the recommendations of family and friends than companies. Using Instagram stories helps you navigate that gap, expand and enrich your customer relationships with one to one interaction. Stories are active and personal and relatable and raw and real. That’s the real shit for building online business loyalty. 

Tip #2 | How to price your online service business for maximum growth, interest, and profit

Be the whole package, not an hourly price tag. 

While both value-based and rate-based pricing work on an hourly rate, packages allow you to create a high ticket item that mimics a product, cutting through that intangible barrier. Online business packages are created by taking your hourly rate + wiggle room + pricing psychology to encapsulate a service that not only sounds more appealing but boosts your productivity and profitability. Comparatively, charging by the hour caps your earning potential and reduces you down to an employee! And I’m 99.99% sure that is NOT why you want to start your online business.  

But let’s show the power of package pricing in action. 

Consider the two scenarios. Imagine you’re a Pinterest Manager quoting a month’s worth of creative and copy. You say to your new lead:

  1. “This is a monthly package that will cost $500.”
  2. “This is a monthly service that will take five hours, at $500.”

Which one do you think your lead would you pick? 

Chances are they’d for option one and get super sceptical about option two. It’s basic pricing psychology, and I think you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by jumping on it. 

And remember: just because you can do a job quickly, doesn’t mean you can’t charge more. Think of a builder. It may be worth just $5 to tap the hammer, but it’s worth $95 to know where to tap it. Don’t forget to include your knowledge and customer service experience in the packages pricing!  

When you’ve got that pricing on lock, be sure to embed it into a CRM and get your systems right from the start. Honeybook is my one and only – the only tool I recommend to all my clients!

Tip #3 | How to decide on what service to offer as an online service business 

Here’s a hint: simplify your online service offerings. 

With so many leads, it can be so tempting to adopt the ‘say yes and figure it out later’ mentality, but if you’re taking this approach to every client you’re bound to lose sight of what truly lights your fire. 

Instead, narrow down what you’re offering into a simple one or two service suite with the work you know you can do well, your clients need and most importantly, you enjoy! 

This is niching down. And it can actually help you grow quicker, and make more money in your online business simply by targeting specific people, with a specific service. All you need to do is combine what you’re good at and find a strategic position in the market you can focus on serving well. 

“But Willow, how do I know which services to offer?”

I hear you! Let’s start with some screening questions. Is it a service…

  1. You’ve provided recently or plan to provide often? 
  2. That’s a relevant upsell or cross-sell to another service you offer?
  3. You want to be known for?
  4. You enjoy delivering? 

If you answered yes to all of the above – go for it! 

For example, if you’re a budding Virtual Assistant, let’s say you make your first service Instagram lead generation and the second Pinterest management. Niching down to these two services helps you create clear calls to action, drive value into your content and convert the right clients. 

Oh, and I’ve got the perfect way for you to get started…

Easy online business strategy: The Pin to Sales Method 

If you want to become a Pinterest Manager, and start your online business, this is THE PLACE TO START! My Pin to Sales course teaches you how to start, scale and attract your dream clients with the knowledge, templates and video content you need to become the best in your niche. If you’re looking for a key, profit-driving, in-demand service to kickstart your online business? This is it! 

I’m talking six, rich modules full of interactive video training, proven-effective copy templates, plug ‘n’ play graphics and engaging workbooks taking you from complete novice to Pinterest pro! 

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Y’all? Let’s take the complicatedness out of getting online as a service provider! No BS, complicated strategies, confusing funnels or icky sales talk. Just three proven techniques to show up and glow up online as a service provider. Get active, get priced, get niched. Then upskill and focus on slaying your niche. It’s as simple as that, and I’m telling you to start today. Click here to access the Pin to Sales method now.

How to start an online service-based business

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For established entrepreneurs ready to scale to $10k months. 


For aspiring business owners wanting tailored support to take them from brand-new to booked-out.


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My life wasn’t always this way, though. After working at a boutique marketing agency, I went all-in on an online business with my fiance, Becca. I used the very Pinterest strategy I’ll teach you to scale our business, Bold x Boho, to 6-figures in just six months. 

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