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The #1 service you need to be offering as a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager + 3 steps to get started

Pinterest Management is taking over online space. So here’s how to become a Pinterest Manager.

So as a virtual assistant (VA) or online social media manager (SMM) in a rapidly growing industry, you’ve got two options:

Option One: Do what everyone else is doing.

Option Two: Get ahead of the digital curve.

Tell me… which one resonates most with you?

Actually, I don’t even care what resonates most. You know what does. And you know it’s a necessity. Because the VA and SMM industries are rapidly expanding with hundreds of new competitors every day as we switch to more diversified, remote work. So how do you get and stay ahead of the rest to stand out, sell, and get paid to do what you love even without the experience? I’ve got two words:

Pinterest. Management. Baby! Okay… three words.  

Why is becoming a Pinterest Manager essential for VAs and SMMs?

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing and third largest digital platforms. As a visual search engine, Pinterest also has a unique search voice, challenging Google’s functionalities with aesthetic images found via simple keywords that drive more purchases and conversions. For brands and consumers alike, it’s a hub of visually appealing, value-packed content that drives rich traffic and qualified leads to product and service-based businesses alike. With so many easy, simple, clear opportunities to deliver major ROI on Pinterest for your clients, you NEED to be offering this. And, they’ll totally thank you!

Here are some quick stats on Pinterest to get you psyched up:

US business owners say finding customers, increasing brand awareness, lead generation and email list building are among their biggest struggles. 35% of them say marketing is a rough time, and they’re looking for specialists who can diversify their client bases and supercharge them for growth. This pandemic has hit businesses hard, and VAs and SMMs that step up with strong solutions to their client’s financial problems are the ones who ultimately triumph. 

Pinterest Management? Is your solution. 

What is a Pinterest Manager and Pinterest Management?

Pinterest management is an all-in-one service provided by VA’s and SMM’s, and soon to be you — one of the most badass Pinterest Managers on the block; to product-facing and service-based businesses who want to market on the platform. Organic traffic, let’s get it! Pinterest Managers create strategies, content and growth tactics for the platform while scheduling, reporting and optimising along the way. Much like traditional Instagram and Facebook management, Pinterest Management is a holistic social marketing solution with one key difference: it drives real clicks, tangible leads and sales — all organically. 

I used to use it in the agency work I did, and after launching Bold x Boho with wild success on the platform, I knew that my strategies needed to be shared. Since then, I’ve helped almost 200 people from around the world scale their businesses with my strategies, or begin offering it as a service to their clients. This service is hot, in-demand and it works! So what are you waiting for?

3 reasons why you need to become a Pinterest Manager as a VA or SMM

1. Pinterest has authority-building ROI

If you read my blog on how to enter the online space as a service provider, you’ll know that as a VA or SMM, it’s hard to communicate tangible value to your clients. And it’s even harder to communicate your authority and build trust when you’re starting. But the thing is, EVERY client likes numbers and sees them as a major win. Check out this ready-made template I created to showcase them!

More eyes on their work, more sales, more traffic, more leads, more clicks. These are hot, measurable stats you can share with your client for the major value that sees dollar signs light up in their eyes. These measures have a far deeper meaning and return than the typical impressions, saves and ‘engagement’ online service providers report from Instagram and Facebook. 

And unlike Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest doesn’t just get the big numbers, but they’re aligned af if you can use the right keywords in your strategies! While Instagram is passive, Pinterest is active, creating hot leads with content that gets seen, read and clicked! Pinterest is the place people go to find solutions, look for inspiration, and to discover brands. And with that, comes so many opportunities to make your client’s show up as their new clients solution! Whether you’re working with Wedding creatives, Fitness Coaches or Spiritual Entrepreneurs, they all can be positioned as an authoritative, and approachable solution to someone’s inquiry.

2. Pinterest is a lead-generating machine

Impressions are just a means of measuring how many times your post has appeared in a feed, anywhere, anytime, even if the person scrolled straight by. As long as they see it, it’s an impression. And likes, follows, even saves? They’re all well and good for engagement but what about your client’s bottom line? 

Pinterest also generates more tangible, monetary results: I just had a client achieve a $28k launch selling her equestrian-inspired art using the power of Pinterest. And I practise what I preach – BoldxBoho just hit its first $30k month from Pinterest, too. 

Clicks are the primary way this success can be measured, and they’re oh so meaningful and conversional because they indicate strong engagement with your content that leads straight to action. Providing your clients with an ROI based on how many clicks (and eventual leads) you can drive to their website is far better than vanity metrics like follower growth or comments on someone’s IG post. This approach is guaranteed to get your future clients to sit up, listen and hand over their money to you with ease as an online service provider just starting out. 

Psst. Honeybook is the SHIT when it comes to managing all those leads, sales and projects. I only recommend this CRM to my clients, and you can check it out right here.

3. Pinterest champions traffic-driving content

So if Instagram and Pinterest are both very visual platforms, what’s the biggest difference? Well, while so many Instagram users quietly scroll through their feeds, Pinterest users are actively searching for solutions to their problems. This provides unique opportunities to leverage their current emotions, pain points and create content that answers their problems. 

I mentioned earlier that research indicates that most online businesses are struggling with email list building and lead generation – so what better way than to drive traffic to your client’s site than an eBook or blog that’s optimised for their audience on Pinterest? This is easy, efficient, and can add so much value to your clients businesses, and who doesn’t love organic traffic? 

How to become a Pinterest Manager as a VA or SMM

Two more words:


And Beta.

First, the best way to become a killer Pinterest Manager is to learn from the best (if I do say so myself)! My Pin to Sales course is simple yet effective, sharing my exact method to drive strong traffic and gain instant authority as a Pinterest Managing VA or SMM from the beginning. This value-packed online course features interactive video training, templates and branded graphics, you’ll be ready to plug and play all day, priming you to become the best in your industry.

Access the Pin to Sales Method here and get ready to supercharge your VA or SMM business! Plus, as an honorary reader, feel free to use the discount code “getstarted” at checkout, and it will be $100 off!

Once you’ve upleveled, it’s time to secure your first round of clients. Aim to take on three beta clients, charging slightly less than you plan to in future, with the goal to get strong testimonials and social proof from them so that you can continue to use them to grow your business!

Pinterest is the way forward for VAs and SMMs that want to scale and make major $$$ in their business. From clear ROI to untapped lead generation, mastering Pinterest Management means you can deliver above and beyond client expectations, solve their most pressing business struggles and build unmatched authority from the very beginning. 

What are you waiting for? Because as a virtual assistant or social media manager in a rapidly growing industry, you’ve got two options:

Option One: Do what everyone else is doing.

Option Two: Get ahead of the digital curve.
So… why are you still here? Secure your Pin to Sales Method now!.

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My life wasn’t always this way, though. After working at a boutique marketing agency, I went all-in on an online business with my fiance, Becca. I used the very Pinterest strategy I’ll teach you to scale our business, Bold x Boho, to 6-figures in just six months. 

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