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3 tips to scale your online service-based business to a multi-6-figure empire

Learn the exclusive tips I used to scale my online business as a Pinterest Management and Entrepreneur Coach

Scale seems to be such a buzz word at the moment right? 

I know headlines like “How I scaled my online business + kept it going” are reeling you in on Google. Heck! Even my headline sounds straight outta content marketing 101, right? 

But this blog isn’t like the rest, because I’m going to actually deliver on my promise. By the end of this blog you’re going to know how to take your digital service provider business to the next level. And they’re tips you can implement immediately. The very same ones I implemented to become one of the top Pinterest Coaches and Strategists of 2020. 

These are the three tools you NEED in your life TODAY to scale without splashing the cash on boujie systems or OTT resources. Because the only thing that’s really standing between you and multi-6 figure months? Is your ability to take action. 

So enough talk, let’s scale. 

What is the difference between growing and scaling?

Firstly, what does ‘scale’ even mean? What does it mean as an online service-based small business owner? And aren’t growth and scaling interchangeable? 

To some, maybe. But not to you. Because while the two are not dissimilar, I champion scaling in all I do with my 1:1 coaching clients and Pin to Sales students. Because scaling is the resourceful yet powerful way to grow. It’s not about investing in the best tech or the most convoluted funnels. It’s about maximizing what you already got and workin’ it like the badass entrepreneur you are. 

So here’s the lowdown:

Scaling: Increasing revenue without investing mega $$$ in resources to do it

Growing: Increasing revenue by investing mega $$$ in resources to do it. 

Growth is difficult to sustain and takes a lot of initial investment upfront. 

Scaling on the other hand? Means being economical about what assets you’ve already got, with YOU being a massive one. 

Am I ready to scale my online business? 

Let’s cut to it: you’re ready. The only thing holding you back from scaling your online business as a service provider is your mindset and your processes. 

But since you asked so nicely, here’s a few prompts to consider before diving in:

  • Have you got a repeatable process and a solid revenue stream? 
  • Are you proud of your company mission and values
  • Do you have clear systems in place to support your scaling?
  • Have I got an onboarding and offboarding system that’s proven to work, streamlined, effective
  • Have you got very limited/ nothing to lose (pride, time and money included) if you go for it?
  • Is your mind open to and ready for the wealth and growth that will flow from following these tips?

Okay. You’re 100% ready. Let’s get it. 

Tip #1 | Scaling on Instagram Stories as an online service provider

Tell your story… on your stories. Be present. Be active. Be fkn’ real!

The interactive, personal, informal functionality of Instagram Stories means you can connect with your audience on a whole new level. You can take them on a journey throughout your day as an online business owner. You can get them moving from passive to active with polls, scales and question boxes. You can involve them in your process and make them CRAVE your expertise and value-packed offerings, even when you’re just starting out as a VA or Pinterest Manager.

When I started doing this, I received over 10 DM’s and comments a day asking me about my offerings and how they could work with me!

To scale your online business, you’ve got to show up. And Instagram Stories is the #1 way to do that. And I’ve got stacks of stats on my recent blog on “how to enter the online space as a service provider” to prove it. 

TL;DR? The first step to scaling your online business is showing up where and when your client needs you. And as an online service provider? That’s going to be Instagram a lot of the time. 

Why is this central to scaling your online business?

  • Connects you on a more intimate, personal level
  • Shows you’re active and involved
  • Showcases exactly what you do
  • Invites interaction
  • Builds trust and connection and investment in you
  • Grows your personal brand, not just your business/services

Take action:

Set yourself a goal of getting on Instagram stories at least once a week. Brave the fear associated with filming yourself and go for it using some of the unique Instagram Story prompts below. Then aim for two stories a week, then three, and soon you’ll be showing up daily like the badass online service provider you are. 

Here are some unique Instagram story ideas to get you started:

  • Share your daily routine as a digital business owner
  • Talk about a client’s success story/testimonial
  • Walkthrough a process for a service/project you’re working on
  • Go deep on the topic of one of your latest static/feed posts
  • Rant about something that’s ‘frustrating’ you in your industry, or share a mistake you see all the time + how to fix it

Tip #2 | Scaling with brand community in the online space

Your audience are your friends, not food. Or dollar signs, for that matter. 

Building a community, or brand tribe, of like-minded people within your ideal client/target audience pool is the best way to show your audience they’re your people, not your pay-packet. And this is the value people buy from. Your value is the sum of your expertise, your service and the support you bring to the table in the form of connections, relatability and friendship. Sure, this killer community trifecta benefits your back pocket, but your audience benefits three-fold too, as they network and find common ground to collaborate with not just you, but others you work with. 

Even this article from the Harvard Business Review maintains that brand community is a business strategy, not just a marketing strategy. It’s a long term, serving to support the people in it, not the business owner. It’s community-first, brand second, with your people shaping your brand. 

Your role as an online service provider isn’t to just sell, sell, sell, but to communicate, educate, inspire and empower your audience. This links back in with the interactivity of the Instagram Stories to engage your audience and make them feel part of your everyday activities and decisions. 

Why is this central to scaling your online business?

  • Humans love connection, we’re social and loyal creatures
  • Collaboration and growth not just for you, but your audience
  • Inspires consumer trust, confidence and empowerment making them more likely to invest in you
  • Helps you get interactive and more involved by recognizing you’re talking to REAL people

Take action:

Plan your brand tribe. Think of a name for your community and start using it often. For example, my boss lady partner Becca at Bold x Boho calls her community ‘Boho Babes’. This gives her clients a sense of ownership over their experience, reminding them that her community is forever: before, during and long after working with her. 

Brainstorm your own tribe name now!

Tip #3 | Scaling with passive income as a service provider

I’ve saved the best step ‘til last because set and forget income is the best kind of $$$, right? Imagine making mega-bucks in your sleep? Passive income makes this possible! 

If you’ve read my last blog on packages and pricing you’ll know that even packages limit you as a service provider because you’re at capacity with hours in the day. However, passive income is not bound by how many billable hours you have for the month. It’s limited only by your imagination, creativity and mindset! Create an evergreen product, an eBook, a course, a kit and you’ll be able to generate income while you’re on holiday, brunching or napping. No joke. 

Passive income is literally the dream for online service providers like you who make their money off their expertise. Converting that into a product you can create once and sell, launch and refine over and over again? A fairytale. A very real one. 

The way I did this was through harnessing my extensive Pinterest strategy and management knowledge and compiling it into a killer online course I now make over 30 to 50% of my income from each year! This is my top secret to scaling as an online service provider enjoying unlimited wealth creation.

Why is this central to scaling your online business?

Take action:

What’s a repeatable process you follow with your clients? How can you take that and teach it to millions? Maybe it’s a course, a template, a checklist. Take note of the steps you’re taking, the expert tips and industry-secrets you could share that add value to your audience. Write down these ideas and consider how you can translate them into a badass, unique, value-filled product you can create to obtain the passive income needed to scale your business and step away from the keyboard! Then drive them into a seamless CRM like Honeybook to keep you stress-free and scaling. This is my go-to.

BONUS Tip #4 | Scaling your online business by investing in yourself as an online expert

You are your number one asset in business. 

Read that again. 


You’ll spend $50 on Uber Eats. $2000 on the latest iPhone. But what about investing in something that stays with you for your entire life as an online service provider? Upskilling that teaches you how to expand your business, empowers you to scale your income and leverages your expertise to take you further in entrepreneurship? 

My 1:1 intensive sessions are your key to unlock my brain for the best, tailored information to help you achieve your goals and scale to multi-6-figures just like me. 

I’ve only got space for two more clients in the next three months! Get ahead of the curve and nail your online business scale strategy for 2021! Book your 1:1 90-minute intensive here.

To scale your online business requires virtually zero monetary investment. All you need is the time, dedication and unshakeable mindset to pursue the digital entrepreneurship story that’s 100% yours. 

Scale with your IG stories, scale with your community, scale with your passive offers but most importantly, scale yourself! Invest in yourself. Because you are your most important asset as an online business owner. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to tip the scales in your favor.

How to scale your online business

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My life wasn’t always this way, though. After working at a boutique marketing agency, I went all-in on an online business with my fiance, Becca. I used the very Pinterest strategy I’ll teach you to scale our business, Bold x Boho, to 6-figures in just six months. 

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