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Pinterest Management is the game-changing new way to get hot leads and results for clients as an online service provider.

So how do you become a Pinterest Manager? Pinterest King Willow Kaii shares how…

442 million. 

That’s how many users hit up Pinterest monthly. 

That’s over 14 million people daily. 

14 million people. Searching. Comparing. Researching. Compiling. Inspiring. Dreaming. Doing. Pinning. And most importantly, buying. 

This is an active audience who needs the content you’ve got. And that’s what makes Pinterest Management such a lucrative service to offer. The kind that allows you to scrap the vanity metrics of been-there-done-that social media platforms to focus on hot traffic, clicks, sales and leads on the Queen of visual search engines. Offering Pinterest Management (and the kind that delivers tangible results) is how you can drive value into everything you do as a service provider. 

As someone who built a 6-figure online business, Bold x Boho, in under 6 months by capitalizing on the powerful Pinterest audience, I know the power of this platform to get yours and your client’s marketing and sales on a whole other level. From the kind of copy and design that gets eyeballs on your content to the call to action and backend strategy that gets the clicks and the sales in your bank account, I know Pinterest. 

And today, I’m sharing, no I’m telling you, this is the game-changing service you NEED to start offering as an online business provider. 

But perhaps you know that already since you’ve landed on this blog post. And if you truly want to uncover the power of Pinterest Management as a service, check out this post on offering it as an SMM or VA. And if you haven’t already, read that first. Then come back here!

So you’re back. You know what Pinterest Management is. You know how dang good it is for building your authority right off the bat as a newbie to the online service business world, and you know upskilling is the best way to get started. You know why you NEED to be offering this as an online service provider. 

So now, let’s chat about actually making it happen. All things Pinterest Management: from the crucial first step to implementation, pricing and marketing. 

The first step: viewing Pinterest Management as a solution, not an expense

Before you even open your Pin to Sales course (my signature for any online service provider who wants to become a Pinterest Manager), I want you to internalize this: Pinterest Management is a solution, not an expense. When you believe this, so will your clients. #truth.

An expense is having your car serviced or paying a bill. It’s dead money, you get something in return and that’s it. It doesn’t give back, earn interest or a return. On the flip side, the solution of Pinterest Management has the potential to help:

  • Build audiences of 10 million+
  • You get booked out to $8k+ months
  • Your clients grow an engaged community and in-demand service

This is when your niche stops viewing your offering as an expense on their ingoings and outgoings and the ONE thing to take their business to the next level.

And the best way to prove it is not just by talking the talk when it comes to benefits, but walking the walk when it comes to cold, hard results. 

I’ll touch more on how these results fuel a large portion of your marketing and self-promotion later, but for now, let’s discuss the thing you do that’s guaranteed to have prospective clients shut down STRAIGHT AWAY. Want to know? Lean in a bit closer…

STOP talking price right off the bat! 

Talk benefits over losses. Talk solutions. What your clients stand to gain by working with you, not how much money they ‘lose’. Because Pinterest marketing doesn’t mean your clients lose money, it means they make it. And when you reduce your offering down to a price, it’s you that’s losing them. This is where switching the narrative and viewing Pinterest Management as a solution, not an expense, is crucial!

When you bring numbers in upfront, you’re reducing your expertise, skills and value down to a concrete figure, despite the power of Pinterest to skyrocket your clients’ scales and reap the unimaginable, uncapped potential of Rich Pins

When you’re driving so much value into what you’re offering, Pinterest Management can’t be seen as an expense. It’s a solution. An investment. This is the first step to differentiating yourself and reiterating the value of what you’re offering. 

So how do you drive that value into your Pinterest Management services? 

5 steps: how to become a Pinterest Manager

Now you’re clear on the fact what you’re doing isn’t an expense, but a solution. It’s an investment, a long-term game-changer to revolutionize every clients’ business. All it takes is following these five steps:

1. Learn, learn, learn

If you can’t prove your knowledge or implement it with success, how can real clients trust you to do the same? My Pin to Sales method teaches the exact same method I used to scale an online business to 6-figures in 6-months, so this is a great place to start if you’re unsure. These are proven successful formulas to get you started with incredible results for your clients from the get-go. Never stop learning. As a VA or SMM, this never rang more true for Pinterest Management. Stay on top of new platform developments and be committed to studying (and being the best at) your craft. 

2. Identify a niche

As a VA or SMM, the truth is you’ll be competing with a lot of incredible entrepreneurs and online service providers like you for a slice of the Pinterest Management pie. The more specialized you can get the better. Do the research and analyze your audience, their needs and the competition. Then work to appeal to this in your messaging, website and social presence. A great place to start is with a professionally designed website that screams ‘you’ (without the $$$ price tag). Bold x Boho’s stunning Showit templates have you covered for this. 

3. Set up automation tools + get clear on your offering as a Pinterest Manager

And by automation tools, I obviously mean the Queen of Pinterest Schedulers, TailWind. With tools to create Pins, schedule a week’s worth of content in advance and view your hard work paying off with detailed analytics, this is the supreme tool I recommend for all my Pinterest Manager clients and students! This is a life-changer for any serious Pinterest Manager (you) and will truly help you manage all your client accounts in one space, taking your efficiency and service next-level! This is also a time to get clear on what you’re offering, consolidating your services, such as: 

Take your service to the next level and invest in a great CRM to manage all your clients. My recommendation is Honeybook – it’s the tool I’ve used since I first started my business.

4. Get to work

Before you can work at full-price, you’ve got to work on sale to build your social proof. Engage your first round of beta clients to do this, and if you need tips, check out my block on the subject here! Remember this is about providing a mutual benefit – you’re building your portfolio while helping out clients within your niche at a discounted rate. Treat it as though it’s the real deal, as this stage can often lead to referrals for even more clients who’ll pay in full! 

5. Walk the Pinterest Manager walk

To get the leads, you’ve got to prove you can’t just talk benefits but deliver them. Showcase your results from your beta clients, add their testimonials and analytics and metrics for added evidence. Try this ready-made report template I created for this purpose! Committing to constantly providing value while showcasing what you can offer to your leads is key to sustaining interest in your Pinterest Management services across your marketing channels. The best part is this helps you stand out from the crowd so brightly there’s a list of dream clients in your DM’s saying “take my money”!

How to price as a Pinterest Manager

Don’t reduce yourself down to an hourly rate – as this will have clients thinking you can whip up a killer Pinterest strategy and content suite quickly, without understanding the true value of the behind the scenes work! If you’ve read my blog on pricing you’ll know this

View yourself as the whole package! There are so many options for pricing yourself as an online service provider, but package-based is king. Here’s why. 

Package-based pricing is a great way to start out with a simplified offer that makes it clear exactly what you do while appealing to the needs of your individual client. Comparatively, hourly pricing is typically ideal when you’re doing complex, highly tailored work. But when you’ve got a well-oiled Pinterest machine running you can use a similar formula across the board, personalizing as necessary while encapsulating it into the same service for every client. Plus, you’re not bound by the clock and you don’t have to meticulously track your time or activities (which is the absolute worst)!

Here are a few things to ensure you include when pricing your package:

  • Discovery call/strategy session to get to know the client’s needs
  • Creation and drafting
  • Refining
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting and optimizing

Estimate how long this will take you, then multiply it by your hourly rate to identify a package price that fits you. Of course, keep in mind your client’s budget and your expertise. The lower their budget, the less inclusions, and the lower your expertise, the less you’ll charge. 

How to market your services as a Pinterest Manager

You’ve got the implementation and the pricing down, so how do you get out there? 

In a service-based business, it’s so hard to communicate value when your clients can’t feel what you’re offering in the palm of their hand. The clicks aren’t tangible, and nor are the leads. But they translate into real numbers and real dollars. 

It all plays into the concept of offering Pinterest Management, just like any marketing service, as a solution and investment, not an expense. 

The best way to market yourself, then, is to showcase your intangible Pinterest Management as a solution by showcasing the tangible results. And I meant the ones that have a real, undeniable, massive impact on your client’s bottom line. Like the clicks and the traffic, the leads and the sales. 

Sure, the impressions, views and follows are one thing but showing the real shit over the vanity metrics is essential to portraying Pinterest management as far more than an invoice, but a whole damn investment. 

Obviously, when the return isn’t as tangible or instant as a new car or a fresh pair of shoes, but all that means is you need to communicate and work a little harder to convince, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you can show the value and the uncapped return that’s possible, that’s when your clients will sit up, listen and step 100% in. 

442 million. 

That’s how many users hit up Pinterest monthly. I said it at the beginning, and I’ll say it again. That’s 14 million people. Searching. Comparing. Researching. Compiling. Inspiring. Dreaming. Doing. Pinning. And most importantly, clicking. On the daily. 

Are you ready to engage them and get undeniable results for your clients? 

You’re well on your way to becoming THAT Pinterest Manager. The one who’s hot and in-demand. But ensuring you’re marketing your service as a solution, not an expense, following my five key steps and pricing right is key to taking your online business to the next level. 
The best way to do this is by learning. Absorbing knowledge and learning from the best. Heck! I do this, too. So check out my Pin to Sales method or explore my range of 1:1 coaching programs for that next-level business boost!

How to become a Pinterest Manager

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My life wasn’t always this way, though. After working at a boutique marketing agency, I went all-in on an online business with my fiance, Becca. I used the very Pinterest strategy I’ll teach you to scale our business, Bold x Boho, to 6-figures in just six months. 

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