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The hottest Pinterest marketing trends and updates to majorly uplevel your client’s Pinterest game in the new year.

Like clockwork, we look to the Pinterest gods and social media psychics for Pinterest marketing trends to take our organic marketing results to the next level in the New Year. And every year, we hear the same things –  short-form video, trust-building, AI. Yeah yeah, it’s usually important, but nothing new. 

But I’ve searched long and hard, waded into the depths of marketing reports, and dived into all-of-the Pinterest analytics to uncover the five biggest Pinterest trends you need to be across to truly move the needle in your and your client’s businesses in 2021. 

But first, what does the overall marketing landscape look like in 2021? 

Biggest marketing trends for 2021

So, I know I made light of it earlier, but in our new COVID-19 pandemic-reality, trust really is at the forefront of every action you take. And in the New Year, that looks like really listening to your clients (and prospective ones), being transparent in your content, values, and production, and being raw, honest, and unafraid to push the boundaries. 

From building more authentic connections with followers, to championing the human experience and intuitive design, Deloitte has also shared how flexibility and agility, and strong purpose are at the forefront of 2021 marketing trends. 

Then again, Hubspot maintains it all comes back to quality over quantity. A ‘less is more’ approach to posting, content, social channels, and messaging. From championing value-infused conversations and ruthless quality over quantity to accepting that short-form video truly is the prime way audiences absorb content, 2021 looks like the year of showing up in service to every ‘customer’ as a unique individual. 

And as we see TikTok and Reels skyrocket into popularity, snackable, interactive, gamified content will now become a necessity. Beyond this, Forbes predicts social media will become the prime channel for purchasing, with more in-app e-commerce integration to encourage ease of conversion. 

So how does all of this translate into your work as a Pinterest Manager? Let’s dive into the five Pinterest Marketing trends incorporating 2021’s vision, that’ll help you add major value for your clients in 2021. 

The 5 trends & how to implement them

1. Share your story, literally 

Pinterest stories to soar in popularity and rankings

We know video is king across all the social channels, and right now, Pinterest is really pushing this. Pinterest Stories have launched to select business accounts, and ours are receiving between 7000 and 20,000 views overnight! You can share videos, images and text, and uncover them by looking for any post with the little story icon in the top left. Here’s an example from Becca’s Bold x Boho Pinterest:

These are a great way to build in that interactivity 2021 will be all about, especially considering your followers can add comments and save down your Story Pins. It all moves you toward providing true value to your audience – the kind of value they need to click and convert (leading to bigger numbers and tangible results for your Pinterest management clients). 

2. ‘Bye-bye’ Pinterest hashtags

Pinterest hashtags become less important

Hashtag, ‘smhashtag’. It’s the keywords, Rich Pins (more on that later) and Pin descriptions that will truly count in 2021. We know Pinterest is a visual search engine visited by over 322 million people every month, and if you want your content to land first on their results page, you gotta champion your SEO. 

Sure, hashtags will still be around, but they’re completely optional and aren’t likely to significantly boost your reach, clicks, or saves in the same way standout creative, killer copy, and irresistible calls to action will. Instead, leverage Pinterest SEO by selectively integrating uber-relevant, high-ranking keywords into your descriptions, headings, and Rich Pin meta descriptions to truly maximise your Pin’s potential. 

3. Refresh your Pinterest look

Creating fresh Pins becomes even more crucial to high-ranking performance

Reduce, reuse, recycle right? Maybe in terms of environmental sustainability. But not quite in the world of Pinterest. Sure, prioritize quality over quantity always, but recycling dead Pins ain’t it. In 2021, we’re all focusing on hitting that next level. Whether it’s more clients, bigger retainers, or jaw-dropping numbers, your best bet to achieve any of those three things as a Pinterest Manager is to create next-level content. That means higher quality photos, more engaging copy, hella intuitive aesthetic appeal. 

As the platform continues to grow (over 8%, year on year), so too will yours and your client’s competition. That means Now is the time to reinvigorate the Pins you post and find a way to stand out in a sea of similar content. Need help doing just that? Score 20 FREE plug-and-play branded Pinterest graphics by Bold x Boho here

4. Get trendy with Pinterest Trends

Pinterest trends to help creators find the most relevant content ideas and search terms

Available in the US, UK and Canada, Pinterest Trends shows historic search data on the platform within the past year. It offers an overflowing wealth of information for you to draw from and integrate into your clients’ Pinterest strategies, truly leveraging topical, timely content and being at the forefront of emerging trends. This helps you get intuitive, anticipate your audience’s needs and get them so well they say “how did you even know that’s what I needed?”. 

You can uncover top searches and trending topics to maximise your efforts, ideate killer content ideas and better yet? Optimise your keyword list with THE perfect words for traffic-driving, click-generating SEO on your Pins. Also found among this data rich, free tool is a graph of popularity over time, related searches and the most popular Pins within that search. Below is an example for the term ‘Marketing’ as searched in the US since January 2020. 

Pinterest marketing trends using Pinterest Trends tool - graph
Pinterest marketing trends using Pinterest Trends Tool - popular Pins

5. En’rich’ your Pinterest performance

Rich Pins continue to be the best way to maximise Pin performance

If I had a dollar for every time I said the words ‘Rich’ and ‘Pin’ when asked the secret to my and my client’s success on Pinterest, I’d have been a six-figure entrepreneur within my first month as a coach. Why? Because Rich Pins are so slept on, but oh so good for your Pin engagements and clicks. 

Essentially, it’s a little snippet of code connecting data on your website to your Pinterest account. From articles to recipes, products to apps, once set up, Rich Pins provide additional, keyword-packed information to Pinterest to boost your content’s perceived relevance, and therefore, ranking in search results. That’s a super quick overview, but if you want the full rundown, and steps to set it up, check out this post right here. Basically, Rich Pins play into the 2021 marketing trend of intuitive UX and a readiness to provide as much value as possible to your audience, subsequently easing the conversion process. 

So those are the five biggest marketing trends you NEED to play into to dominate the Pinterest Management game in 2021. But you know what? Some Pinterest strategies just work. They’re timeless, clever and effortlessly conversional. They’re the strategies, tools and tips you need to know if you’re starting out as a Pinterest Manager in the New Year, or looking to seriously step up your existing services in 2021.  

Enter: The Pin to Sales method. 

My signature online course with the exact strategies I used to become a booked-out Pinterest Manager in my first six months.  This course features six practical modules covering everything you need to know to majorly transform your Pinterest Management service. I’m talking everything from your branding and Pin descriptions to automating and optimising. 

Utilising Pinterest stories, ditching hashtags, getting deep into Rich Pins. These are among the most effective Pinterest marketing strategy trends guaranteed to move the needle for you and your clients in 2021. But I’m calling it right now – Uplevelling is actually the biggest marketing trend in 2021. And by investing in the Pin to Sales method, you’re already one step ahead. What are you waiting for? Get started with the Pin to Sales Method now.

And for a quick-fix, be sure to check out my expert-designed, plug-and-play Monthly Social Media and Pinterest Report and Pinterest Management Application templates on the Pinterest Manager marketplace!

Pinterest marketing trends 2021 – Top 5

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