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The simple, ad-free, expert methods you need to start implementing in your Pinterest strategy to get next-level results and start charging more!

If you know me, you know I’m a champion of an education-first approach to Pinterest strategy and management. Because to deliver killer results, you gotta know the ‘science’ behind getting them. The only catch? 

It’s always changing! But luckily, it’s still possible to dominate the Pinterest game even when the goalposts are constantly moving. And that’s why I’m here to drop the five proven-effective methods you need to employ to take your Pinterest Manager game to the next level in 2021. 

From the secret to getting noticed and unlocking limitless clicks to the best online course to help you upskill, let’s dive into my five favorite strategies to deliver incredible growth for your Pinterest Management clients this year…

5 best tips to uplevel your Pinterest strategy

1. Get noticed on the Pinterest feed

Look at this Pinterest search for “SEO Tips”. 

Which Pin most stands out? 

Among a sea of white backgrounds and pink, flowing fonts, the orange-toned content is the star. So which do you think is likely to get the most clicks? Well, step into an audience member’s shoes and chances are, in an overwhelming array of infographics, they’re likely to click on the one that stands out and catches their eye the fastest. 

And as we know, in the world of kickass Pinterest marketing strategy, clicks are king. 

While the rest of the Pins in this search are certainly aesthetically pleasing, success is all about driving real, tangible results that translate into a stronger bottom line for your client. And that means going against the grain, researching your niche, and finding a way to make an impact in it both visually and textually. 

Another great way to get noticed and secure your dream audience’s attention is capitalizing on length! Instructions, checklists, and recipes that can be condensed into easily shareable, vertical Pins are ideal for this (see left). Pins with an aspect ratio of 1:2 or even 1:3 are ideal for this. 

But remember: in 2021, the copy on your Pin (like its title, description, and hashtags) is just as important as the way it looks. But more on that later…

How to implement it in your Pinterest strategy

  1. Plan out a way to condense your content into ‘five simple steps’, or a simple checklist
  2. Find color combinations, fonts, and compositions not commonly used in the search term you’re looking to target
  3. Craft the content into a long Pin with one of the above aspect rations, and get posting!

2. Get rich with your pins

Specifically, Pinterest Rich (with Rich Pins). 

Basically, Rich Pins feature invisible data that tells Pinterest everything it needs to know about your (and your clients’) content such as articles, products, recipes, or apps. When you set up Rich Pins, you’re supporting an invisible link between your site and your Pinterest content to boost engagement and conversions, ultimately delivering a more enriching and positive experience for your audience. 

That means more clicks, more traffic, and more sales, which is irresistible to Pinterest Managers who want to dominate their niche and attract well-paying clients. I mean… why wouldn’t you maximize this uber-valuable Pinterest tool for business?

All-in-all, they help you and your clients:

  • Improve your ranking/position on the page
  • Stand out
  • Build authority and trust 
  • Stay relevant

How to implement it in your Pinterest strategy

  1. Embed metadata on your site, for content such as articles and products
  2. Optimize your metadata with an SEO plugin like Yoast
  3. Apply for Rich Pins by entering the URL of any page on your site with metadata into Pinterest’s Validator
  4. Start maximizing your Rich Pins! Try these free easy-to-use, drag and drop Canva Templates to get started now. 

3. Get your Pinterest account optimized

Two billion searches were made on Pinterest in 2020 alone. And that’s nothing compared to how many we can expect this year. It’s no surprise then, that up-leveling your SEO is among the biggest Pinterest marketing trends for 2021. 

How can you maximize that conversion-ready traffic? By getting seen. And the only way to do that is by having a bulletproof SEO strategy. While in the past you could’ve (maybe) gotten away with a sub-par strategy, it’s time to start taking your headers, descriptions, and keywords seriously! Think like the end-user, and cater to them with the right content. This is how you get in front of the right audience, at the right time, and then convert them effortlessly. 

How to implement it in your Pinterest strategy? 

  1. Research the marketplace. Familiarise yourself with what your audience is searching for using tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, or UberSuggest
  2. Utilize ‘Pinterest Trends’ to help you identify high-ranking keywords and searches to target and build your content strategy around!
  3. Strategically select a highly relevant keyword (or a few) to integrate into your pin titles, descriptions, image file names. Be sure to seamlessly integrate them into your copy, remembering to write for humans, not search engines.  
  4. Be sure to add broader keywords to your boards, too. 

4. Get actionable in your Pinterest copy

You’ve heard of a call-to-action, but how about in 2021 we capitalize on the ‘call-to-pin’!

You’ll likely always add a message to your blog, ad, or website encouraging your audience to contact, share, or like. So why not take that same approach to Pinterest? A ‘call-to-pin’ is a great way to encourage more clicks, and it’s estimated you can achieve up to 80% more engagement by simply adding one to the Pin’s description. Something as simple as “Repin to your board” or “Click the Pin for more” is perfect to build traffic! 

But don’t stop there – another great way to boost engagement and clicks on your Pins is to engage with your audience. Taking just 30 minutes as a Pinterest Manager to reply to your Pin’s comments, comment on your follower’s content, and follow other high-ranking boards is a must-implement strategy for 2021. 

How to implement it in your Pinterest strategy

  1. This one’s super simple – when writing your descriptions, remember to always consider a relevant action for your audience to take. Whether it’s to click or to Pin. 
  2. Carve out just 30 minutes each day to engage with your clients’ audiences, and while you’re at it, engage with yours too!

5. Get educated on your Pinterest strategy

Going back to school is cool in 2021. 

And enriching your knowledge in the school of Pinterest? That shit’s uber-cool. 

Pinterest already has a plethora of free, uber-value-rich content for your to capitalize on. As a Pinterest Manager, you can access things like agency resources, toolkits, and insights via the Pinterest Business platform. But why stop there? 

Take your learning to the next level with my  Pin to Sales Method. A signature online course taking your Pinterest strategy results to the next level. Join hundreds of alumni who’ve upgraded their knowledge and their payslip with my proven-effective tools and strategies to get your clients noticed, clicked, and sold out. Learn everything from branding and Rich Pins to automation and optimization across six jam-packed  6 modules PLUS receive access to plug-and-play copy and graphic templates and access to a private Facebook community!

And for those ready to truly level up? I haven’t forgotten about you! Check out my Pinterest Management Marketplace for the best plug-and-play client and reporting templates to show off to your clients and get in-demand! Templates from just $39, with lifetime access and unlimited, proven results.

How to implement it in your Pinterest strategy

  1. Simply head to the Pin to Sales Method and add to your cart!

Like every social platform, delivering results for your clients is about keeping your finger on the pulse and being so ahead of the game it hurts. These are my five best strategies to do just that. 

From leveraging killer SEO strategies to creating eye-catching Pins and investing so confidently into your knowledge, by applying these tips, you’re ready to step into your best version of a Pinterest Manager yet.

Pinterest strategy – 5 tips to supercharge your game!

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For established entrepreneurs ready to scale to $10k months. 


For aspiring business owners wanting tailored support to take them from brand-new to booked-out.


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My life wasn’t always this way, though. After working at a boutique marketing agency, I went all-in on an online business with my fiance, Becca. I used the very Pinterest strategy I’ll teach you to scale our business, Bold x Boho, to 6-figures in just six months. 

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