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The Pinterest analytics you need to know in 2021 to supercharge your results, impress clients and charge more!

“Willow – what’s the secret to getting a million clicks on Pinterest?”

Uhhh I hate to break it to you, but I don’t know the answer to that. 

Because it comes down to so many factors! Like…

  • Your client
  • Your content
  • Your audience

Even right down to the HEX codes you use in your graphics, the CTAs in your copy, and the links you connect to. 

Yep – getting ‘a million clicks’ isn’t a formula. But you know what is? 

Routinely reviewing your analytics, and being so across your client’s metrics you know exactly what’s working and what’s not, what to do more of, what to adjust, and what to completely leave behind. 

Which is why I’m dropping my ultimate guide to the Pinterest Analytics you need to know in 2021 to absolutely crush your client’s Pinterest strategy and goals (no matter their content or audience). 

What Pinterest Analytics matter?

Okay, so the analytics page of Pinterest can get pretty overwhelming. Which, by the way, you can access via your Pinterest business account (or Tailwind), and heading to ‘Analytics’ in the top left corner. You can then 

When you click in, you’ll be faced with a lot. I’m talking about a dashboard filled with big numbers, complicated percentages and lines that (for sure) trend upward. 

Pinterest analytics example 2021

And while you can definitely filter by things like date, content, published Pins, and accounts, when you’re staring down the barrel of a screen filled with numbers, it can be tempting to go for the biggest ones. Or better yet, chuck them all on a spreadsheet and email it through to the client hoping they’ll find it impressive. 

Let me tell you: that is absolutely NOT the way to do it. Nor is it necessary. I’m going to share the top five analytics you need to show your clients to impress them. But first, let’s do an A-to-Z of all the big ones…

The A-to-Z of Pinterest Metrics 2021

So let’s get back to basics with some simple definition of all the Pinterest Metrics available: 

Average play timeAverage time someone played your video for
EngagementsNumber of saves, clicks, outbound clicks, and carousel swipes
Engagement rateNumber of engagements divided by number of impressions
ImpressionsNumber of times your Pins appeared on screen
Monthly total audienceTotal number of people who saw divided by engaged with your Pins in the last 30 days
Monthly total engaged audienceTotal number of people who engaged with your Pins in the last 30 days
Monthly viewsNumber of times your Pins were on screen in the last 30 days
Outbound clickNumber of times a user clicks on a link that takes them away from Pinterest
Outbound click rateNumber of clicks to the outbound click URL / number of impressions
Pin clicksNumber of clicks your Pin received on and off Pinterest
Pin click rateNumber of clicks on your pin divided by number of impressions
Played at 90%Number of times your video was viewed to 95%
SavesNumber of times people saved your Pin
Save rateNumber of Pin saves divided by number of impressions
Total play timeTotal play time of your video in minutes
Total audienceTotal number of people who saw/engaged with your Pins
Total engaged audienceTotal number of people who have engaged with your Pins
Video viewsNumber of views lasting more than 2 seconds with 50% of video in view
10-second viewsNumber of times your video was viewed for at least 10 seconds or more

The ONLY Pinterest Metrics you need to show your clients

Before we jump into the juicy metric with the power to change it all for you, let’s touch on the fact that all of these analytics provide a prime opportunity to skyrocket your business as a Virtual Assistant or Pinterest Specialist

Pinterest numbers get high. Like…really high. Unlike Instagram shadow bans and Facebook’s 2% organic reach (crazy right?!), Pinterest truly values its content creators and wants to share valuable Pins with as many people as possible! This translates into large numbers, particularly views and impressions, that give that ‘wow’ factor for potential clients. And sure, while they are semi-vanity metrics, they’re so valuable in your portfolio and on your website as they help build strong credibility in the organic marketing space when first starting out. 

But all-in-all, the good news is there’s just one metric that you need to truly measure. 

And that’s Pinterest clicks

This is the primary way to measure ROI, deliver tangible value and build wild authority as a Pinterest Manager. A high click rate is meaningful and conversional because it’s proof your clients’ Pins are translating into their audience’s action – be it blog reads, contact form completions, or purchases. 

For Pinterest Managers wanting lasting retainers, all you need to do is keep it simple. Showcase your client’s monthly clicks, in addition to some other complementary and equally meaningful metrics like video plays to 90% (if applicable), saves or total engaged audience to truly move the needle and solidify your value

No wading through tons of data – that’s all you need to do to get current and prospective clients to sit up, listen and pay you more

But how do you get the kind of numbers to make them do just that? Learn my secret methods, tools, and strategies to get the clicks you need to scale your Pinterest Management business to 6-figures, check out my Pin to Sales online course. 

And what makes your job just that little bit easier? A tool that does it all for you…

The best Pinterest Analytics tool

Tailwind is the only platform I recommend to my clients and Pin to Sales students. And here’s why. 

Tailwind allows you to:

  • Create eye-catching, click-generating Pins on the platform
  • Schedule weeks’ worth of Pins at once
  • View key analytics all in one place

It’s a centralized process ideal for Pinterest Managers ready to go pro. The kind who want an all-in-one platform to help them manage a steady stream of high-paying dream clients. 

So there’s no secret formula to getting millions of clicks or saves on your Pin. And the truth is, you don’t need one. 

Because truly understanding how your Pins are performing through meaningful metrics, then translating that into an agile strategy is the only approach you need to achieve your clients’ goals using Pinterest. And by gaining a better idea of what type of content drives these different actions, you’ll be able to fine-tune your Pinterest strategy to drive the best possible results for your clients’ and your business!

This is the kind of approach that will see you generate the clicks that get you noticed and solidify you as the Virtual Assistant queen or Pinterest Management king in your respective niche. 

And if you truly want to embrace that crown? Check out my Monthly Social Media and Pinterest Report template on the Pinterest Manager marketplace! Spill all those incredible trends, metrics and growth strategies in a stunning plug-and-play template for all your monthly management clients.

PLUS! Keep your suite of clients under control month to month with a seamless management system! My fave of all time is Honeybook, and you can check it out here!

Pinterest analytics every SMM needs to know

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