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Willow Kaii’s 3 best tips to supercharge your Pinterest SEO strategy

Search. Engine. Optimization. 

AKA pleasing the ‘Google Gods’. 

At least, that’s what we’ve always been told. There’s a natural synergy between SEO and Google. After all, Google is the biggest, with a 92% market share and 3.5 billion searches a day. But what about the world’s biggest visual search engine? Pinterest. 

SEO is equally as important on this platform, if not more so, given Google’s future is in peril. Pinterest’s monthly audience is rapidly on the rise, too, increasing over 39% in the second half of 2020. As a Pinterest Manager, this offers a wealth of opportunity to capture a captive audience for your clients. And it all comes down to those three little letters helping you get in front of them at the right time, with the right solution. 

But just like all you do in the organic, attractional marketing world, strategy is everything! So how do you please the Pinterest Gods? I’m sharing my best practice SEO tips, and three ways to skyrocket clicks, organic traffic, and sales for your clients. 

But first, what is Pinterest SEO, and what makes it different from the ‘traditional’ kind?

What is the difference between Google and Pinterest SEO?

While both are equally important for boosting website visibility and traffic diversification, there are a few key differences between Google and Pinterest SEO. Primarily, Google primarily ranks long-form text while Pinterest has a strong emphasis on fresh imagery and video content. Additionally (and perhaps advantageously), it can take just minutes for a fresh Pin to rank highly, whereas it can take months to achieve high-ranking content on Google. Better yet, an SEO-driven Pin can rank for multiple closely-related search terms. While the same blog content can only rank for one term with Google. 

Ultimately, while both offer their advantages and disadvantages, you’ll find Pinterest Managers who know the sweet spot for Pinterest SEO can drive up to three times as much traffic than with Google.  Because while Google has the potential to drive a massive quantity of traffic, Pinterest delivers richer, conversional, ready-to-buy users straight to your client’s e-door. And after all, that’s the kind of results that get you in-demand and booked-out as a Pinterest Manager. 

How people find content on Pinterest (and what content do they find?) using SEO

On Pinterest, there are four ways to discover content (and four opportunities for you to get your Pins discovered). That’s by:

  1. Searching (either via typing in the search bar, or using Pinterest Lens)
  2. Smart Feed (home page)
  3. Repin exposure
  4. Follower exposure

And in terms of what they’re searching for, Pinterest has just predicted the top trends for the new year, and that includes everything from ‘skinimalism’ in the beauty world, to ‘epic charcuteries’ in food. But what about top search terms you can capitalise on?

Well, in the ‘business’ realm  in 2021 that’ll be topics like:

  • Branding your business
  • Podcasts
  • Entrepreneur motivation

…all guided by the overarching phrase ‘CEO is the new DIY’ – and side note? I couldn’t agree with that more! 

So how do you truly maximize your clients’ results given how and what they’ll be searching? It all comes down to four key factors…

Factors influencing Pinterest SEO

On Pinterest, four elements influence how your Pins rank. This includes:

1. Domain quality

This isn’t just about having a nice looking site. It means building authority with high quality, consistent Pins, and a linked Pinterest Business account. If you haven’t already set this up and claimed your website, be sure to do this now. 

2. Pin quality

Pin quality is determined by the recency and engagement rate of your content. Obviously, the latest Pins and the ones that are most clicked and Pinned will boost your ranking. Essentially, it’s because the more recent and popular your Pin is, the better Pinterest can tell people like what you’re ‘Pinning’ down. 

3. Creator quality

Yep – part of how highly your Pins rank comes down to your reputability as a Pinner! This includes things like total saves and clicks you’ve received, how long you’ve been on the platform, and how active you are. Chances are, if you’re a Pinterest Manager, you’ll already be killing it in this aspect!

4. Relevance quality

This is true SEO speak. Basically, the more topical and relevant your Pin is to the search term, the higher it will rank in the results. Unlike the first three points, this is less about the perceived ‘quality’ of the Pin, and more about the keywords and metadata you’ve targeted with it. 

Oh, and SEO on Pinterest can be embedded in many forms, too. This includes:

  • Pin descriptions and titles
  • URLs, and 
  • Rich Pin metadata
  • Image alt-text

So now you’re across the four biggest factors influencing Pinterest SEO, how do you take your game to the next level? 

3 best tips to boost Pinterest SEO performance 

1. Set up Rich Pins for boosted SEO

I can’t emphasize the value of these enough. Setting up Rich Pins takes under an hour to set up, but has the potential to deliver unlimited quality traffic that does wonders for your clients’ clicks and sales. It’s a simple snippet of code linking metadata on articles, products, apps, and recipes on your website to your Pinterest account. 

Once connected, Pinterest auto-populates your Pin with this information, in addition to your existing keyword-rich descriptions and SEO-driven titles, to boost your ranking. For the full rundown on Rich Pins and why they’re a game-changer for your Pinterest Management service, check out my dedicated blog! 

2. Prioritize quality AND quantity

Quality and quantity. These are crucial to your Pinterest SEO strategy. We often think we can only have one or the other. But when it comes to Pinterest, striking the balance between both is crucial to boosting SEO performance. And keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s working for your clients and what’s not via Pinterest Analytics is the best way to do this. 

Observe the times of day your audience is most active, understand what content receives the most clicks – consider what copy, color, and keywords are driving this. As with every strategy, this won’t be permanent. Remain adaptable and continue to check in with your metrics to understand how you can continue to deliver more quality Pins, more frequently. 

3. Leverage the Pinterest Trends tool

A free tool giving you endless Pin ideas guaranteed to help you rank highly? Uhh… yes please! Pinterest Trends is your content-creation Bible – an absolute go-to for understanding how searches are currently performing

From “Business Tips” to “Bridgerton” you’ll be able to view historical data on any search term from the past 12 months, find trending topics in literally ANY category and discover related terms to truly get your creative Pinterest Manager juices flowing! When you can find a way to create a high quantity of value-packed Pins targeting these key, trending topics, you’re guaranteed to see your rankings skyrocket. 

And when you’re done, showcase those hard-earned results in a stunning Monthly Social Media and Pinterest Report. This is specially designed by me, made for you and your clients! Check it out on the ultimate Pinterest Management Marketplace.

And because I like you SO much (and just for making it to the end), I’ve saved my best bonus tip ‘til last…

Willow Kaii’s Pin to Sales course

This is your one-and-only if you truly want to master Pinterest SEO for your clients and maximize all-of-the organic traffic. Founded on the signature Pinterest strategies that supercharged my success as a Pinterest Manager in just six months, with the Pin to Sales Method, you’ll learn my secret methods, tools, and tips across six practical, value-packed modules. 

Become the expert in Pinterest SEO strategy and then some, including everything from branding to Rich Pins and automation. These are the methods I teach my 1:1 clients, and the very strategies they use to go viral and get paid. 

Hear their success stories here, then join them! 

Step aside Google. There’s a new SEO sheriff in town. 

And its name? Is Pinterest. 

While traditional SEO will always hold a special place in your organic marketing strategy, leveraging all-of-that rich visual SEO on Pinterest is crucial to driving tangible results for your Pinterest Management clients.  

As the platform continues to grow in popularity, and Google’s future hangs in the balance, knowing your Pinterest SEO strategy shit and getting across these three best-practice tips means you’ll be confidently placed to provide unmatched clicks and mega $$$ to your clients well into the future. 

Do you know what that means? More clients, longer waitlists, and bigger figures in your bank account. And isn’t that what we all want? 
You can master it all via the Pin to Sales Method, here.

Pinterest SEO: How to improve it to boost traffic

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