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Six steps to grow and build your email list PLUS create a sell-out database using TikTok and Instagram.

How to build an email list | Intro

Weekly TikTok and Instagram content creation checklist:

  • Instagram captions: x 1 hour
  • Instagram graphics: x 1  hour
  • TikTok creation: x 2 hours
  • TikTok editing: x 1 hour
  • Scheduling and engaging: x 1.5 hours

Is it just me, or does that checklist make you want to take a 10-hour nap? Because same. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re spending hours creating high-value, sales-generating, engagement-rich content for your business’s Instagram and TikTok. And it’s working. You’re building your audience and selling out of your latest offers. 

And those platforms are all well and good, but the harsh reality is you don’t own them. 

Read that again: You don’t own your Instagram and TikTok account. 

Which means you also don’t ‘own’ your audience. 

If your account was lost or hacked, that community could be lost overnight. This is what makes an owned platform and communication tactic all the more important. 

And its name? Isn’t just your website.

It’s email marketing. 

Building your email list could make all that Instagram and TikTok success go further, and drive it into nurturing a community that’s all yours, no matter what.  

And today, I’m dropping my signature six-step formula to establish and grow that database. The very same method I used to grow a massive email list from my combined Instagram and TikTok following of over 45,000. 

In this article we’ll discuss:

  • The importance of building an email list
  • The six steps to building your email list with success
  • The #1 tool I recommend to build your email list

Let’s get straight into it…

Why building an email list is important

To answer ‘why’, first we gotta know ‘what’. So what exactly is email list building?

Email list building is the act of acquiring target audience subscribers to your email database to market your business, yourself, and your offerings. 

This could look like a newsletter subscription or lead magnet call to action on your website, Instagram, or even your business card! The more you encourage your audience to subscribe, and increase call-to-action touchpoints, the bigger your email list will be.  

And with that comes a pretty clear reason why it’s so important. That includes:

Additionally, email marketing is:

  • Personal | Unlimited reach and personalization come standard with this tactic, right down to name, location, and behavioral targeting.
  • Purposeful | A means of targeting warm leads who clearly resonate with what you offer. 
  • Owned | As I mentioned earlier, your Instagram or TikTok account could be lost overnight, but your email database is your little black book of contacts to keep for good. 

Email marketing is a long-term investment with major pay-off. Essentially, it creates synergy across your entire marketing and growth strategy for maximum impact, connection, and conversions. 

Here’s how to jump on it in six simple steps. 

How to build your email list

1. Create your freebie

In Flodesk

How to build an email list | Part One

You’re already creating an in-demand service, so what elements can you extract to create a high-value freebie? 

For some ideas, consider:

  • What does your audience want?
  • What’s a question you always get asked?
  • What can you replicate on a smaller scale that leaves them wanting more?

Once you’ve landed on a solid idea, draft it out into a digital download. It could be in the form of a:

  • Webinar
  • Checklist
  • eBook
  • Mini training/video series
  • Template

Then, bring it to life with compelling copy, followable steps, and an attractive visual design. 

2. Create a Flodesk Full-Page Form

How to build an email list | Part Two

Once your freebie is ready to go, design a Flodesk Full-Page Form for people to download it (and so you can collect their email addresses while they’re at it). Some key rules to follow here are: 

  • Keep it simple (less is more when it comes to copy and visual elements)
  • Outline the benefits of downloading the freebie (two to three should be enough)
  • Add your call to action (don’t forget the most important element!)

Here is a great example (hint: mine) to get your creative juices flowing:

How to build an email llist with Willow Kaii

3. Create a Flodesk Email Workflow 

How to build an email list | Part Three

Don’t leave your audience hanging! Create a matching Flodesk email workflow that not only instantly delivers their freebie, but continues to nurture them into surfer fans who’ll invest in your paid offerings in the future. 

Some crucial inclusions for your workflow include:

  1. Download email with an attached freebie – obvi!
  2. Welcome email – to introduce you and your brand
  3. A series of value-packed emails – like a 5-day challenge or daily tip that helps them maximize their freebie
  4. An authority-building email – to sell in your credibility, expertise, and position you as the ‘go-to’
  5. An offering email – that outlines your paid services, and recommends their next step
  6. An offer email – that encourages them to invest with a discount or incentive
  7. A newsletter – monthly or fortnightly communication that’s packed with value (and more reasons to stay subscribed to you). 
How to build an email list | Part Four

All in all, create a workflow that fits where your customer is at in their journey with you. Keep the lines of communication open, center on a value-first approach and you’ll have an email list filled with subscribers who can’t wait to open every email. 

4. Share the Flodesk Full-Page Form link

You gotta be seen to get building! 

This tip is fairly simple: Add a link to your freebie Full-Page Form into the bio of your Instagram and TikTok.  

5. Build the hype, build the email list 

How to build an email list | Part Five

Now your freebie link is embedded, drive your Instagram and TikTok content to it with consistent calls to action. 

You could draw attention to your freebie by:

  • Jumping on stories or a live to announce it
  • Doing a sneak peek of the inclusions
  • Sharing the benefits for your audience 

Get your audience hyped to download, make it a must-have, and of course, reiterate that it’s all for FREE! 

6. Good to go

How to build an email list | Part Six

Now you’ve made your freebie irresistible in your Instagram and TikTok content, all that’s left is for your audience to download. For every person who downloads it, they’ll be channeled into your workflow and nurtured through to conversion! 

But don’t sleep on this goodness! Continue to draw attention and drive traffic to your freebie through frequent calls to action and sneak peeks.  Also, remember to be consistent in your database nurturing – show up with timely and relevant newsletters and high-value email content. 

The #1 tool to build your email list

How to build an email list with Willow Kaii and Flodesk

One word: Flodesk.

If it wasn’t already obvious, Flodesk is my absolute go-to for form and email creation.

That’s because it features stunning templates, a user-friendly interface, and oh-so intuitive tools that make the process fun! And because I love it so much? I’m dropping 50% off your lifetime subscription right here.

There you have it – I just dropped my six, signature steps to supercharging your email database growth. Implement these hot tips and you’re well on your way to building out a community of hot-leads that can never be shadow-banned, removed, or replaced (unlike on socials). 

Time to make your hard work on social go further and start to build your email list today! Click here to secure 50% off your Flodesk subscription FOR LIFE!

How to build an email list + 50% OFF Flodesk

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