6 Week Coaching 

Six weeks of 1:1 coaching and expertise on-demand to take your business to a 6-figure year.For newly established business owners ready to claim their space + scale to $10k months

My 6-week intensive program is powerfully jam-packed with 1:1 coaching calls, actionable strategies and support on tap to take VAs, SMMs and creative online entrepreneurs to the next level in their business, and scale them to $10K months.

Truth bomb: You can’t scale your business alone

But I’m guessing that’s what you’ve been doing. 

And it’s been going okay so far. I mean, if a $3500 month here and $500 month there, jumbled systems leaving you on the verge of burnout and *crickets* on your socials is what you define as ‘okay’. 

But an erratic business with no guidance is not destined for success. In fact, it’s destined for the opposite. Because as talented, hard-working and passionate as you may be, you know deep down what you’re doing right now just isn’t working. You’ve been in business for a while now, whether it’s been three months or 12. And something has got to give if you want to see your goals realised by the next one. 

You need divine intervention - and that’s where I come in

Here's a reality check...

This is you now:

Scraping for leads and hustling constantly in the DM’s for clients

Seeing everyone else post about their $10k months wishing it was you

Constantly revising systems and funnels (or fixing up issues they’ve caused)

Feeling directionless despite having a big dream and hard-working attitude

Craving a support and referral network, but feeling isolated without community

Struggling to show off your unique sauce due to lack of confidence, strategy or both

Knowing the value of evergreen systems and Pinterest funnels but unsure how to implement them

Standing in the back corner of your niche, unsure of your power or authority

You’ve been working so hard, but things just aren’t gelling. Something is missing and you’re ready to find it.

So what do you need to take it to the next level?

Let’s imagine for a second...

If this was your reality:

Waking up with hundreds of new leads every day, ready to invest.

Consistent and sustainable personal, professional and financial growth

Owning your confidence, every single day on your stories, posts, and overall social presence.

Feeling one step ahead of the curve no matter what's going on in your business

Being a part of a thriving online community of business owners and friends

Hitting your first $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 month in your business

Making money while you sleep with evergreen funnels and passive income producing products

Owning your niche and becoming the go-to gal for all the things you do.

What if I told you it was all possible?


The 6-week Coaching Program

Six weeks. 42 days. To rocket you from ‘blah’ business plan to blooming, booked-out entrepreneur.

Included in your investment:


6 x 1:1 one hour calls 
First, we’ll discuss your goals, then we’ll go about achieving them. We’ll assess where you’re currently at, set short and long term objectives, and set about achieving them.


My support in between calls, on-demand
Because questions, strategy and accountability are crucial.


Access to my extensive referral network
Helping you book your first clients while we’re still working together!


Questions answered by an expert
From someone who’s scaled an online business (Bold x Boho) to 6-figures in under 6-months.


Don't just take it from me though...

In 6 weeks from now, you could be making $10k per month,


you could still be where you are now.

But to get there you’ve got to:

Invest in yourself

Invest in your systems

Invest in a program that won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to

Invest in a coach that wants you to succeed even more than you do!

You need to stop being afraid to invest in yourself. Because to gain the authority, wealth and booked-out status you’ve always dreamed of, you need to build your knowledge, build your network, build your confidence. Work with a Business Coach who can impart new ideas and strategies on you, a Business Coach who will lift you while still keeping it real. A Business Coach who will always have your back, and strive to get you more. 

More clients, more success, more freedom. 

With me, you will always leave better than when you came.

I know it’s hard.

I’ll level with you. 

I see you. I see you so clearly. 

Because I was you. 

My partner, Becca and I, were doing those ‘low-revenue’ days, the ‘why-did-I-even-start this’ weeks, the ‘what-have-I-gotten-myself-into’ months. We were already in debt, trying to make ends meet and while we were growing, we were struggling to do solid months with a reliable income. We had some shabby systems, some rough knowledge of what was needed to grow but ultimately, zero direction. 

The whole time, I knew our ambition and pure drive would carry us through and ultimately, it did. Because when I dipped my toes into Pinterest, I knew this was the thing to assure us the success we deserved. I realised its massive potential to help us scale and I fell headfirst and never looked back. 

It’s hard to feel like you’re treading water. It’s hard to push beyond your comfort zone. It’s hard to get up every day and DIY your scaling because you’re too afraid to invest. 

But stop believing the myths you hear and the excuses you tell yourself.

I want to bust these common beliefs that might be holding you back.

"It takes thousands of $$$ on ad spend, or I'd have to outsource an entire team in order to scale."


"Working ON my business 24/7 is where the money is - systems aren't."


"I need a huge audience in order to be taken serious or make the impact I want."


"People won't be ready to invest unless I have been in business for years and have a ton of proof."


Forget what you’ve heard. Forget the bullshit you’ve been told. Forget the myths you’re internalising. 

You’ll spend $20 a week on coffee, over a grand on the new iPhone, so why wouldn’t you invest in yourself and your business? 

A coffee goes cold, a phone depreciates. But scaling a business? That’s a commitment to uncapped growth and prosperity.

All it takes is an outside perspective to look in and give you the nudge in a direction that could literally change your life. 

I don’t say that lightly, because, for me, it actually has changed my life

In our 6-week coaching, I’ll teach you the exact formula I used to take Bold x Boho to 6-figures in under 6-months - and I’ll show you how you can do the same. 

These boss entrepreneurs were just like you:

“Willow's coaching was the best investment I've made in my business” - Martina Caroline

“Six weeks ago I was a Bartender, today I'm officially a BOOKED OUT  Pinterest Manager, all thanks to Willow and this beautiful program.” - Hailey Galloway

“I booked an $8K a month client within our first month of working together! Absolutely work with Willow” - Grace DeBruin

Sure. You could stay where you are...

Sure. You could keep going at it alone, but in a year you’ll only have moved so far. But you certainly won’t be where you need to be. 

Sure, you could DIY the process you THINK will work based on the latest trends or other people’s success. But free resources aren’t one size fits all

Sure, you could pay for another online course that tells you the best strategy in theory. But putting it into action and ensuring that translates into results is a whole different ball game.

Sure, you could play small and hide away what makes you, you. But there’s no power or authority in that

Here's a reality check...

Or. You could give yourself the push you know you need...

You could magnetically attract hot leads and boast a waitlist filled with dream clients

You could have a consistent, sustainable, evergreen system generating authority, leads and sales for you via Pinterest

You could have the power to live and scale your business on your terms, doing $10k months effortlessly

You could use your story to generate more sales, and leverage killer client results to become booked-out in seconds

Simply because you chose to invest in yourself and your business. 

Elizabeth did, and look what happened

“Willow's coaching was phenomenal and I recommend him to all of the businesses I work with” -Elizabeth Skordinksi, Health Influencer & Youtube Advisory Board Member

Do you know the difference between Elizabeth and you? 


The only difference is one of you went for it.

She decided she was fed up treading water. She was ready to make moves and invest in herself, deservingly for all her hard work. 
That’s when she saw real results in her business. 

I’ll show you what’s possible when you have a strategy that’s uniquely you - one that fuses intuitive marketing with an organic Pinterest strategy to get tangible, financial results. 

From my client who secured a 30K contract on our final coaching call to the many before her who took their dreams into their own hands, this coaching program is yours to mould and shape in accordance with your dreams and I’m here with you the whole way. 

What’s holding you back?

The investment?

Imagine if you spent as much on your business as you did on a new dress or handbag. The handbag stays in the closet, but the investment in scaling your business brings you unimaginable wealth.

The time?

Here’s the thing - time will pass whether you do something or not. One year will pass no matter what you do.


Repeat after me: I am deserving.


There are people out there with less experience doing what you want to do, simply because they’ve got the confidence.

I’m Willow!

I bring agency experience to small brands and entrepreneurs to help them level up and scale-out without confusion or second-guessing. I’ll take you through a six-week journey that isn’t just about your bottom line, but your higher purpose. Together we’ll carve out a space for you in your niche that authentically fits your goals. 

I’m passionate about helping online entrepreneurs like you organically attract and sell to their dream clients using Pinterest. 

I’ve worked across the world as a photographer, influencer, social media strategist and copywriter. But I’ve always found strategy, coaching and marketing was my calling. Pinterest was the perfect match for me. 

I used my extensive knowledge and passion for non-stop-learning to drive results for my very own venture with my partner, Bold x Boho. Using Pinterest, we scaled to a 6-figure, fully passive business in under 6-months. Yeah - it’s crazy! And the best bit is I’m dropping that exact formula for you in your six-week program PLUS showing you how you can tailor it to your business for maximum results!

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Hey there!

I'm Willow Kaii!

My life wasn’t always this way, though. After working at a boutique marketing agency, I went all-in on an online business with my fiance, Becca. I used the very Pinterest strategy I’ll teach you to scale our business, Bold x Boho, to 6-figures in just six months. 

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