The Beginner Business Bundle

An all-in-one digital program to help you enter the online space and launch your own high-profit service based business with Business Mentor, Willow Kaii. Complete with hours of expert led trainings, the website template of your dreams with matching copywriting templates, and contracts. This is your one-stop-shop for starting your business, and I can’t wait to do it with you.

The one and only


I'm holding up a mirror to reflect your current situation. 

You're stuck in a 9-5 or other meaningless work environment

You are ready for more. More freedom, more control, and let's be honest, more money in this beautiful journey we call life.

You see everyone else doing it and know you're capable

You’ve seen countless others start their business from scratch and it has just left you feeling lost, and wondering where to start.

You want it to be easy with a fast-track to $10k+ months

You want things done quickly, and for you, without having to find your own answers or undercharge for what you could be earning.

After helping over 500 online entrepreneurs start and scale the business of their dreams, I’ve poured everything I’ve learned into creating this: a robust curriculum mixing real-time actionable education with the templates, contracts, and resources that you need to start your business and start taking on high-paying clients with ease.



the beginner business bundle

the beginner business bundle

20+ trainings led by willow kaii

brand & photoshoot advice from melo 

legal advice led by nicole cheri oden


mindset trainings from jade destiny

Learn how to start your business, pick your niche and services that you're going to offer start selling them effortlessly on social media with my signature strategies

Showing up as yourself on camera can feel daunting at first, but is also one of the most rewarding skills you're going to learn in this journey and with no one better then our very own Melo Creative

Jade is my go-to resource for support and accountability and will be yours too! Jade is our community manager and all around hype-woman to cheer you on as you make these changes in your life

Contracts and getting your business set up the right way has never been easier with these step-by-step video lessons taught by our businesses go-to attorney and legal resource library

a bold x boho website template

A completely customizable website template thats been strategically built for online service providers and has helped my clients close over $5,000,000 in online services.

expertly written website copy

To compliment your new website, enjoy these expert-written fill-in-the-blank copywriting templates that've been designed specifically for your website so it's literally drag-n-drop!

graphics, platform trainings + so much more

Learn the in's and out's of all of the platforms you'll be using plus the social media templates that you can use to start selling your services and closing high-ticket clients in your business

Former restaurant server turned corporate Social Media Strategist turned Business Coach, and your new go-to-guy for starting and scaling the online business of your dreams. After working with everyone from total beginners all the way up to consulting with fortune 500 e-commerce brands, I've poured my heart and my soul into creating this - the easiest and most efficient program to help you enter the online space, and start selling high-ticket service-based offers with the confidence and skills to truly make it happen.

Meet your Business
 Mentor, Willow Kaii

Becca Luna

Melo Creative

Web Designer & Educator

Meet your instructors:

Design Strategist

Nicole Cheri Oden

Jade Destiny

Contract Lawyer

Accountability Partner

Don’t just take it from me though, let’s look at some case studies together.

Are you ready to be bold & courageous?


Leave the toxic work environment, ditch the 9-5 and demand more for your time and your energy. You deserve more and can finally make it happen


You've always had a dream. Now, it's time for you and I to make it your reality. Lucky for you, I've already done this a few hundred times.

PROVE TO THE WORLD THAT you're here to make shit happen.

Three years ago when I started out, I had a goal, and a dream and had no idea how I was going to get there. Now, I've taken everything I've learned, and created this.


Business Foundations | Phase One

course overview

01. Welcome to the Online Space

2. Passion to Profit

3. Niching down

4. Naming Your empire

Mindset Foundations | Phase One

01. Meet jade destiny

2. Mindset + Feelings

3. Boundaries + Expectations

4. main Character energy

5. Your Personal story

Setting up Your Socials | Phase Two



Platform Mastery | Phase Two

CANVA | CALENDLY | NOTION | typeform | unsplash & pexels

Legal Foundations | Phase Two

01. What's a Contract

02. Why You Need a Contract

03. Contracts You Need

Packaging Your Services | Phase Three

Pricing Your Goods | Phase Three

Branding Phase Four

01. Intro to Branding with melo

02. How to Use Your Branding

03. Branding Your Photoshoots

Website Creation | Phase Four

01. access to your new website

02. Getting Started with Showit

03. How to Customize your site

Powerful Storytelling | Phase Five

Conversion-driven Copy | Phase Five

With 5 pages of plug & play copy-writing templates for every page of your website

Phase Six

01. Instagram Story Selling

02. Lead Generation

03. Marketing Material

04. Perfecting the Pitch

No matter what service you're offering, these are the foundational pieces that can help you elevate your business from the ground up. Learn my signature strategies, steal my game-changing templates, and create the business of your dreams with my help. Invest today, and change you're life as quick as tomorrow. You ready?

This is the foundation you need to change your life.

Tried and true methods and templates that have helped hundreds of clients scale to and past six figures in a year.

I'm SO in!

Here's what happened when other entrepreneurs have taken the ride with me 

After coaching over 500 online entrepreneurs, launching multiple six-figure businesses of my own and building a community of over 65,000 like-minded individuals, I can confidently say that there is a method to all this madness. What seemed "crazy" or farfetched a few years ago is now our reality, and in just a couple of months of hard work, it can be yours too. Buckle up, and get ready to take the ride of your life with me and this epic and supportive community. 

Don't just take it from me though

"She came to me as a total beginner, and in six weeks of working together was booked out making more than she had in her entire previous career."

"42 days of intense work with me, and her entire life was changed. Since working with me, Hailey has been able to continue providing top notch results to her clients of spiritual female entrepreneurs, and has since begun teaching others, mixing her spirituality, free-flowing movement, and determination to be the best Pinterest Manager one can be."

hailey | Pinterest Manager

"Emma left, booked-out, making 8x what she was making when she started, moving out of her parents house into her new brand new apartment, and with more direction in life than she knew was possible."

"We were able to launch her brand, her web presence, and multiple phases of offers to her audience while working together for just under six months. We branded her as a Marketing Manager for Creative Designers, helping them with their digital marketing, Pinterest strategy, and design support. We expanded her offerings into creative marketing retainers, VIP days, and intensives."

Emma - Brand Manager

"Carolina was able to leave her toxic career, grow her TikTok account to over 10,000 followers, and make her entire investment back in the first week of working together."

"Since leaving my program, Carolina has skyrocketed her organic reach, hit her record-breaking sales months, and begun offering educational services and coaching to other female entrepreneurs around the world who want to become energy healers."

"Grew an audience of 20,000 in the first 72 hours, and did her first $15,000 passive income launch with me by her side."

"Since the program, Anastasia has become a household name in the Etsy and mom-preneur space, selling courses, digital products, and templates living for that passive income lifestyle."

Anastasia - web designer & etsy coach

"In one month, we were able to 4x her current income and celebrate hitting her first $8,000 month together."

"Since working together, Sam has become a leader of the online space as I knew she would be, running one of the largest lead generation agencies and providing coaching, and products to new and emerging online service providers."

Samantha - Lead Generation Strategist

Carolina - Online Business Manager

"Anna came to me hitting $3,000 months and left celebrating her first $15,000 week."

 "In the first 90 days of her business, we were able to celebrate a $15,000, $20,000, and $30,000 month"

What kind of results have you seen using this framework?

I’ve helped people start their business from scratch and reach anywhere from $3,000-$15,000 in their first 30 days of business. It takes work, but with the resources and guidance I’m giving you, I’m confident that if you have a goal, we can make it happen. Inside, I give you my step-by-step formula for hitting six-figures or more in your first year of business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I already need to have in order to be successful with this?

Let me help you take your idea or vision and turn it into a money-making, bill-paying service-based business in a matter of weeks. Ideally, you already have an idea of what you want to offer and to whom, but if not, it's okay. Inside the course, I give real-time ideas and examples of the path's I would choose and how much they can actually make.

What do i do after I'm done?

You and I are just getting started. Inside the course, you'll get access to our private slack community filled with other aspiring and thriving online service providers for support, questions and community. You get lifetime access to the community and invitations to our virtual happy hours, mini-trainings and more so that once you're done setting up the foundation of your business, you have a support system set up to lean on.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the extensive time and resources needed to create these offers and products, I do not offer refunds on any of my programs or products. If you’re on the fence about making the investment and are afraid you won’t like the results, please do some research, and feel free to reach out to any of my past or current clients to ask them about their experience working with me, and if they would recommend it.

What makes me the right fit for you?

After launching multiple six-figure businesses myself, advising million to billion-dollar brands across multiple vertices, and having close to a thousand hours of coaching under my belt helping people start and scale the business of their dreams, I can confidently say that I can meet you wherever you’re at and create magic with you.

I actually care, and won’t stop pushing you until you’ve hit your goals. If you have any questions, please send me an email at and someone on my team will reach out as soon as possible to answer any questions and ensure we're a good fit.


After helping over 500 online entrepreneurs start and scale the business of their dreams, I’ve poured everything I’ve learned into creating this: a robust curriculum mixing real-time actionable education with the templates, contracts, and resources that you need to start your business and start taking on high-paying clients with ease.


the beginner business bundle

the beginner business bundle