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in just 60-minutes!

Let’s skip the small talk and dive right into the Pinterest strategy...

My 60-minute intensive is designed for serious online entrepreneurs wanting to quickly and effectively smash their Pinterest strategy. 60 minutes of pure strategy and action where you’ll leave with a tailored Pinterest approach that’s guaranteed to get you clicks, leads and sales.

Since you’re here, I’m thinking you’re in one of two situations.


Situation One

Situation Two

You’re an established online entrepreneur, service provider, creative boss killing the game. 

But you’ve been wanting to step into a new service that gets results for your clients without you having to spend hours slogging it out.

You’re the game-changer behind an e-commerce brand that’s wasting mega $$$ despite having stunning products that could easily sell organically. 

You know Pinterest is the answer but you don’t know how to set up an account right, let alone drive sales.



Either way, you’ve got a few things in common

You’re working super hard, but not seeing progress

You’re scared of stepping into a new service or strategy because of fear of failure

You’re unsure how to make Pinterest work for your business

You’re wanting to deliver better results to your clients or your business

You’re tired of slogging it out on IG or dishing $$$ on FB ads only to see little return

Enter: the best hour of your life

In just one hours, we’ll kick off from wherever you’re at, sharing my tailored, actionable advice and strategic secrets from my signature Pin To Sales course. The same strategies, tactics, templates and actionable steps I followed to take Bold x Boho from $0 to $6-figure in under 6-months! Whether you’re still in the set-up process or deep in trying to nail your strategy, I’ll fit right in and provide personalised recommendations and steps guaranteed to grow yours and your clients’ business.

Packages designed just for you.

These entrepreneurs did just one intensive, and these were their results:

"No Matter where your business is at, Willow is able to see the cracks that need to be filled."

"He showed me strategies on Pinterest that my entire team, and Pinterest Manager were shocked by!” - High Flier Powerhouse, Branding and Design Studio

"Working with Willow was the best investment I’ve made so far in my business!"

I could not recommend working with Willow enough!! - Alecia Kordaji

"I’d recommend investing in Willow’s programs to anyone"

In fact, I’m ready for round two right now!" - Digitally Alexa

"Willow supports you, even once your call or program is over!

You can tell he REALLY cares about you and your business. - Rowinza Reekers

Evergreen revenue + scaleable success in just 60-minutes

If you’re not quite ready to invest in a complete coaching program, this is the game-changing investment you need to make in YOU!

This is the perfect option for aspiring Pinterest Managers or established e-Commerce brands wanting the one thing they need to get their business out of hibernation and supercharge their growth. 

If you’re thinking “that’s me”, translate it into action! Don’t sleep on this.



For established entrepreneurs ready to scale to $10k months. 


For aspiring business owners wanting tailored support to take them from brand-new to booked-out.


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Hey there!

I'm Willow Kaii!

My life wasn’t always this way, though. After working at a boutique marketing agency, I went all-in on an online business with my fiance, Becca. I used the very Pinterest strategy I’ll teach you to scale our business, Bold x Boho, to 6-figures in just six months. 

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